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Adapting Your Summer Clothing For Fall

Adapting Your Summer Clothing For Fall

OK dear readers, I admit it. Last week, I broke down and bought some Halloween decorations at the dollar store that I’ve seen there for over a month. Even though temperatures are still on the warmer side, and we are barely on the other side of Labor Day, fall is here. My dollar store impulse buy proves it.

Many of you are probably a little bit sad to say good-bye to some of your favorite summer flower prints, tank tops, and other summer wear. I’m happy to tell you that you may not have to say good-bye after all. You can use more of your summer wardrobe than you think you can. Just layer summer pieces with fall colors.

In past blog posts, I’ve talked about items like skinny jeans, for example, that you can wear season to season by dressing up or down. You can cuff the bottom of skinny jeans for summer for a more cropped look and can roll those cuffs down and put on a cute pair of ankle boots for fall.
Now, I want you to look even deeper into your wardrobe. Floral patterns have been huge the last two years. Chances are you wore something floral this summer, like a blouse or shirt. Look at your florals. Do they have any fall colors in them? Look for colors like purple, maroon, olive, navy, or mustard. If you have any of these colors, you can take your floral blouse and layer it with a sweater or a jacket one of those colors, or layer with a neutral color like gray or black for a fall look.

You will find that your summery floral looks great this fall. Experiment. If, for instance, your floral has greens, cream, and pink with a black background, try the green. If it’s an olive green or a darker green, it will be perfect for fall. Or, look at the pink? It is true pink or a darker pink? Would it go with something maroon? You will be amazed how you can pair a floral with a coordinating fall piece for an all new look.
Here are some ideas on what you can wear with a shirt, like a floral, to change its look:

Try a Sarah cardigan. These cardigans run big and are mid-calf length. They also have two pockets. Wearing a Sarah will definitely change the look of a summer top and will keep away the chill of a fall morning.

Try a Joy, a long loose vest that is also mid-calf length. It is open and sleeveless. You can get a Joy in a number of different fabrics and textures like lace, a thicker knit almost like a sweater or a thin tight knit almost like dry-fit workout clothes. A joy will go over literally anything and change the look away from summer. The great thing about a Joy is that it can be worn in the summer and in the fall. Since it’s sleeveless, it could be easily layered over a ¾ length or long sleeved shirt for extra warmth.

Be creative. I know you’ll be able to find some fresh new clothing combinations so you can feel your best this fall. Happy fall!

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