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Black—A Great Summer Basic

Black—A Great Summer Basic

When you think of summer apparel, do you think of nautical stripes and white capris? There is something that just says summer with summer whites. With that said, this may shock you but the best way to keep cool in the heat is not in white but in black. It’s shocking, right? How can this be?

White reflects light from the sun but can also reflect heat back to your body, making you feel hotter. Black absorbs heat from the sun, yes, but it also absorbs heat from your body. When black absorbs heat, it needs to have a way to radiate it away. If there’s some ventilation in your clothing and a breeze, the heat will literally blow away, leaving you cooler. So many of our solid black items comes in light weight fabrics that blow in the breeze or act as a nice layer to keep the sun off of your shoulders.

In the summer, of course you will want to avoid winter fabrics like heavy wool, velvet, and leathers. Loose, sheer fabrics are great, as are athleisure clothes. For example, a loose fitting black dress looks and feels like summer, plus keeps you cool. Or pair some cropped denim jeans with a loose fitting, sheer top, and sandals. You may be wearing black but no one will think
winter. They will only think chic.

How do I make black look like summer?

There are a number of ways to make black look like summer.

Wear black with an interesting accessory—cute sandals, an interesting belt or jewelry. The trick is to have some element of surprise. Have a pop of color. For example, add a handbag with a springy pink or even a bold red. Or even easier, add a straw sun hat to a sold black Maria, and you’re set. A solid black skirt with a patterned top with a black background is one of my favorites! (that’s me in this look…)

Pair black with white. Wear a flowy  white skirt or white trousers with a cute black t-shirt. The look is minimalist and chic.

Pair black with black. This may not be for everyone but as long as you don’t pair it with black lipstick it can be very slimming and fun!

It doesn’t have to be a solid black. Look for black and white stripes or a black floral.

Wear black with faded blue denim. All of us have denim in our closets, probably denim of different lengths, even. How easy it is to pair denim shorts, capris, or a mini skirt with a black top. Again, make your black top is made of a lightweight fabric.

The length of what you are wearing definitely can say summer. Think of short shorts
and miniskirts. But really a mid-length loose, comfortable skirt, a long maxi, or any flowy skirt
with a slit, looks like summer. Showing a little skin definitely says summer.

LuLaRoe black tank

Go Sleeveless!

Another easy way to stay cool and look summery while wearing black is to wear sleeveless shirts and blouses.  You can easily pair them with shorts, skirts, leggings or or capri length pants. There are so many variations and designs. You could wear a different sleeveless shirt every day and look very different. They are really versatile. Keep them for winter and pair them with a cute jacket or sweater. LuLaRow has all the popular and must-have solid colors.

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