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Campfire Cozies—the Sarah Cardigan And The Mark Tee

Campfire Cozies—the Sarah Cardigan and the Mark Tee

Summer is a time of contrasts. When we think of summer, do we think only of hot summer days, parades, lemonade, and swimming? Do we remember the nights, though? Sometimes summer nights get a little cool, especially near the water or in the mountains. And sometimes that cooler weather requires more layers.

LuLaRoe has some great options for time spent by the campfire, watching the stars, or curled up with your first cup of coffee. I love the LuLaRoe Sarah Cardigan and the LuLaRoe Mark Tee. Not only do they warm you up, you look stylish at the same time.

The Sarah—a great transitional piece for cooler weather

The LuLaRoe Sarah is a long duster cardigan with patch pockets that hits mid-calf. It’s made of lightweight material and feels like summer even though it is long sleeved. It can keep the chill of a summer evening away without adding bulk or being too much. Best of all it’s much more flattering than the typical college sweatshirt you might be tempted to grab. It hangs and flows beautifully when you walk. It can dress up jeans or your favorite t-shirt and leggings combo or change the look of a skirt like the Madison skirt when worn over it. But wherever you are—at a backyard party or around a campfire–you can wrap it around you when the temperatures dip.

The Mark Tee—casual, classic, comfort and warmth

Another favorite is the LuLaRoe Mark. It is a men’s Henley-style tee, with long sleeves, and 3 buttons at the neckline and long sleeves in contrasting colors for a bit more style than a regular tee. You can get a Mark that is all one color as well. They are quite long, definitely long enough to cover the pockets on the back of your jeans. The front comes up a hint more, but not much. Even though these are made for men, they work great for women. Remember, the Mark Tee, is in men’s sizing, so size accordingly. Look at the sizing chart when you order. You may need to go down a size. These shirts are great to layer over shorts and a tee or tank top when the air gets a bit chilly. The fit is roomier than a women’s cut, which I love. Some women will knot the bottom edge or tuck it in a little bit in the front of jeans but this tee looks great long and loose, too. Wear it with your favorite leggings, shorts, jeans, or casual skirt.

Both of these pieces are great additions to your wardrobe because of their versatility. You really can’t go wrong. Because the Sarah and the Mark probably go with everything you have, you can pat yourself on your back for saving money. With these new additions, the clothes you already have are going to feel and look new again. These piece are great for summer and transitioning into fall. Come and find me to find a LuLaRoe dealer who can get you the cutest looks for both seasons.

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