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Cassie Skirts—A Fall Office Attire Staple

Cassie Skirts—A Fall Office Attire Staple

Do you dread going to work? Not because of your job but because of some of the cute but uncomfortable clothes that you are required to wear? Dread no more! The Cassie Skirt is a great asset for your fall office wardrobe. Not only does it go with everything (of course!) it is comfortable for those long days at the office. When you are working long hours, the last thing you need is a skirt cutting into your stomach! As the weather gets colder, the Cassie is a great layering item. Look stylish but feel comfortable and warm as you get things done at the office!

What is a Cassie?

The LuLaRoe Cassie is a stretchy pencil skirt. It’s knee length, and the length can be actually be adjusted, depending on what you’re wearing with it. I love that it has a yoga waistband. This is genius. The yoga waistband is wider than a typical waistband, making it more comfortable. If your tummy is your problem area, the wider waistband helps smooth this area. How I love this skirt! It looks great on any and every body type. It’s easy to wash, so no dry cleaning bills and no ironing. You cannot go wrong with this skirt!

What can I wear with a Cassie?

You might be thinking that because the Cassie is knee-length, it might be too cold to wear in the fall. Actually, this is not true. It’s great all year round. Like many LuLaRoe items, it can be layered for colder weather. One of the best LuLaRoe fashion tips is that it can be dressed up and down and can look great a number of different ways. You will be amazed at the super cute patterns out in the Cassie. I’ve seen some great fall florals and some thin stripes that look incredible. You can’t go wrong with a solid in a neutral color either. Below are a few ideas on what to wear with the Cassie. This is not a complete list, but just a few ideas to get you started.

Pair the Cassie with the following:

  • Blazers. Need I say more? Blazers are a classic staple that look great with pencil skirts like the Cassie.
  • Tights. You can keep it conservative with a neutral color or can choose a brighter “fall color” like a maroon, brown, or muted green.
  • Sweaters. The sky is the limit with sweaters. You could go for a more tailored look with a cardigan sweater set. You could go for a trendy, fun chunky sweater for more casual days.
  • Boots. There are so many cute styles of boots that would go with the Cassie. I particularly love the look of wedge or slim booties for the office, especially with tights. You can’t go wrong with classic riding boots either, which might be nice on colder days.
  • The Lynnae is a long sleeved, scooped-neck, tee with hour glass shaping. It can worn out or tucked in with a belt. It is also a great layering piece. It can go under sweaters and blazers to keep you warmer in the colder months.
  • The Sarah is a long sleeved cardigan that looks great with the Cassie and will definitely keep your warm.

Grab a Cassie and then start trying it on with clothes you already have. You will be amazed at the “new” outfits you can put together!

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