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Cute Clothes For Life On The Ranch

Cute Clothes For Life On The Ranch

I grew up in California, but probably not the California you think of, when you think of California. While I was close enough to get to the beaches, or the cities of the bay, my spare Time was more often spent in the foothills or mountains  of the Sierra Nevada mountain Range. As often as I could, I’d head out with my dad, my uncle, and the assortment of others who gravitated to life above sea level, with nature, with cattle and horses.We walked on uneven growing, and hiked to the pickups, to gather more fencing supplies, to keep those cattle where they needed to be. This place is still home to me, and will always be home to me. This week, I’m not fully present in my lularoe business, although I am still present, and I had some gorgeous Lularoe Amelia and Carly dresses sent here. Their pictures are available in my shopping group.

I bring my family back here, to home, it’s an adventure, and an escape from regular life. We escape to here, in the winter, shedding our winter gear, in favor of sweaters and sweat shirts instead of layers of fleece and down. In the summer, we come here, and spend more time in the mountains, to get away from the heat of the foot hills.

The company is good, the food is good, and the adventure is good.

We learn things, about nature, cattle, cooking, and ourselves. We learn from some of the best. This is my California. This is my home, or my “old country” when I think of what it is that grounds me, a big part of it, is this place.
I hope you have a place to escape to, a place with hiking trails, full creeks, and ranch dogs. If you don’t have a place like this, I hope you at least have a place where your belly is full, your laughs are big, and you’re comfortable.


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