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Cute Ways To Wear A Maxi Skirt

Cute Ways to Wear a Maxi Skirt

LuLaRoe Full Length Maxi Skirt Jillian Ortner

A maxi skirt is a classic piece in all of our wardrobes that is timeless and multi-functional. It can create an outfit that is perfect for school, the office, or for the evening. This is because they can so easily be dressed up or down. This is especially true when your maxi skirts are as cute as the ones at Jillian Ortner LuLaRoe. The best thing about a maxi skirt is that everyone looks great wearing one no matter what their height or body type is. Maxi skirt outfit ideas usually include your choice of attractive tops, shoes, and accessories which are based on the style you want to achieve.

Try a Crop Top

For a cute summer outfit, a crop top is always a homerun. One of the greatest maxi skirt outfit ideas is to wear a crop top with a LuLaRoe skirt. A maxi skirt can lengthen your body and accentuate your waist at the same time. If you’re short, you can look taller and thinner by wearing a maxi skirt and accessorizing with heels. A cute LuLaRoe maxi skirt would pair very well with any of your crop tops for a cute summer outfit.

One fashion tip is to have the crop top end at your natural waistline. For an adorable, but sexy look, a flowing crop top which exposes your midriff will do nicely. The crop top shown above with the lady’s shoulders and midriff exposed is simply delightful.

Use A Knot Top for a Lovely LuLaRoe Maxi Skirt Outfit

A great top to wear with a maxi skirt is one that is knotted. It can be a tank top, a shirt, a tie-front shirt, or a t-shirt. The knotted shirt is a fashion trend that is expected to be around for a long time. In the spring and summer, women are wearing more and more knotted shirts.

If you are knotting your shirt, the knot should be placed in the middle front of the shirt, a few inches to the right or left of the middle, or at the middle back. For the best look, you should tie the knot in a way to show your waist much like it would with a crop top. If you prefer to hide your waist, you can tie your top in a way that doesn’t allow any of your skin to show by making the knot low enough to cover your waist. There are plenty of LuLaRoe tops that would be great for this very style. If you want to look both fashionable and energetic, you can knot the top if you plan to wear it with a maxi skirt. Besides looking fashionable, a knotted shirt will show off your wonderfully curvy waistline.

Wear a Wide Belt

Not only does a wide belt define your waist when you wear a LuLaRoe maxi skirt it also sets your style by contributing to it. A wide leather belt looks especially magnificent when worn with a floral designed skirt.

There are a lot of tips for LuLaRoe outfits and a maxi skirt is just one of them. Stay in touch with us on our blog for more great LuLaRoe fashion ideas.

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