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Fall Shoes And The Styles For Them

Fall Shoes And The Styles For Them

We all love the fall season and the colder weather that is leading us up to all the fun we have at the end of the year. Unfortunately, some of our cutest shoes don’t go with our adorable cold weather outfits. Not to fear, here are some ideas on how you can take your different shoes and pair them with some of your favorite LuLaRoe pieces in order to have some cute fall outfits.

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are some of my favorite things, but I don’t wear them with a maxi skirt, or a Maria dress, unless the skirt or the dress is tied up. I don’t, because the hem of the dress or the skirt, gets caught up in the top of the boot, and it looks sloppy. For long skirts and long dresses, wedges work, taller boots (even though they aren’t seen) work, and flats work. I do love the way clean, sleek ankle boots with tights work. I really love them. If you’re looking for more of a utility or military boot, go with a Cassie, or a Carly. This look fits them for sure.

Tall Boots

Tall boots go great with the Madison, and the Amelia, especially if it’s a wide tall boot, that doesn’t hug your leg the whole way up. It’s more of a vintage look, with the pleats, and the tall boots. I’m especially loving brown right now. If you want to wear a tall boot with a Cassie or a Cici, that’s great too, but make sure it’s a snug tall boot, that won’t detract from the fitted, streamlined look of the Cassie, or the majority of the Cici.


Flats go with everything! But make sure the flat fits your body. For me, I’ve got wide calves. One way I can make my calves look more sleek, is by wearing a pointed toe, or almond toe flat. I’ve got large feet, and many size 9 or bigger worry this will make their foot look longer. Guys, our feet are already big, no fixing that, just make the calves look sleeker. Get a pointed or semi pointed toe.


Sandals, if you live where you can wear sandals in the fall, do it. Do it for the rest of us, that can’t. But please don’t wear sandals and blanket scarves.


Sneakers are having a big fashion come back this fall. If you’re wearing denim with your favorite LuLaRoe tops, or leggings, the sneakers are easy. When you throw on a deanne skirt, sneakers get a little more complicated. However, there is a look trending this fall, called “Evening Sport”. Basically, you take your favorite sneakers, a Deanne wrap skirt, and a fitted (Don’t oversize it, you’ll lose yourself) hoodie. You can do this with an elegant LulaRoe Madison with a little sparkle, too. Heck, you can do this with Cassies, also. Something with sparkle, some athletic shoes (make sure they’re clean and unscuffed), and a fitted hoodie. Rock the look for me, because it’s totally not my style, but I can celebrate it being yours.

As always, stay up to date on the new LuLaRoe fashion trends and event updates by joining my facebook group. Stay in the know on fashion tips and sales so that you can always look your very best.

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