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Shopping in my Facebook VIP Group is fairly easy. When you see something you love, either in a picture on the group’s wall (a Wall Drop, or a Flat Lay), you can comment “Sold” and we will get you an invoice, once we have you registered as a customer. If you see something you love via a FaceBook Live Video, simply comment with the number of the item, and either “sold” or “Mine”, and we will get you an invoice once you’re registered as our customer. Would you like to register now? The registration link is If you’ve got any questions while shopping, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Shipping of your items is easy, we do a flat rate $7 per shipment, priority envelope, or if you spend $100, it’s free shipping. Once you’v paid for your item(s), it’s one to two business days before your package ships.

I get new inventory several times a week. Traditional shops get new inventory about twice a year, but because our prints/patterns are always changing, we are able to order throughout the year. Be sure to make sure your Facebook notifications are on, so you can keep an eye on what may come through the shop.

Often times we see something we love, in a size that ins’t the one we need. That happens. Sometimes it’s a workable size, other times we really need it in a different size. When that happens, ask, we may have duplicate of that print, in the size you need, but chances are, not. That’s because when I order, I order Size/Style/Quantity, and I get what I get. With the way Lularoe is set up, across most prints, they’ll only go out on two styles, and divided up between all the sizes, it usually works out to about 180-250 of that print/pattern, in each size of that style, and we have over 65,000 retailers, so we don’t get them all. It’s best to shop your size, or maybe one up or one down, and see what’s there.

Sure! A few things to keep in mind are, we own our own inventory, so the upfront cost is different than that of other direct sales types of companies. But it also means you start with inventory you can sell immediately! It’s work, either part time or full time, depends on you and your schedule, but if you don’t show up to work, that’s on you, we get to be our own bosses. We have a great network of Independent Retailers from all different backgrounds on our team. I’m a mentor with the company, and have been with them since August of 2013 (The company started in May of 2013), and it’s been amazing. Don’t hesitate to reach out with more specific questions, and to get the paperwork started, here is my “Join” Link:

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