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Feel Beautiful In What You Wear

Feel Beautiful In What You Wear

It’s often said to me, “Jillian, you look great in everything.” I never quite know what to say, or how to receive it. We are our own worst critics’ and often times, I feel less than glamorous. I also hear women say, “If I had your body…” either to me, or to other women. Here’s the thing, we all have things we don’t love about our bodies. We are almost all walking around, criticizing ourselves. We don’t practice self love enough. So I encourage you to stand in front of that mirror, at some point every day, and compliment yourself.

Curating Your Closet

During this time, if you are taking the opportunity to curate your closet and get rid of things that no longer bring you joy, I encourage you to try on all your bra’s too. Make sure when you’re trying tops or dresses on, that you’re wearing your best bra. A good bra makes a great foundation. If you find yourself flinging top after top, after top, into the get rid of pile, maybe switch bras, and try them on again. It may be the bra that needs gotten rid of, and not the tops.

LuLaRoe Clothes

Make sure you’re paying attention to the colors you like to wear. Don’t keep something just because it’s newer, if it’s a color you never reach for, or a color that doesn’t compliment your coloring. You will rarely see me in a pale green or a pale grey, or a pale pink. They’re not good colors on me, so I skip them, no matter how much I love the piece. Go through winter clothes now. No need to store pieces that no longer bring you joy, for a whole set of seasons, because you didn’t take the time to go through them in spring. And preform any maintenance on those now, before storing them. Revlon makes an easy to use sweater shaver that I love, you can get it on amazon for less than $10.

Pay Attention To Your Shoes

Check out your shoes. I am the worst at this, I’ll wear them until they fall apart on my feet, but if they look beat up, and you’re still in love, and they’re not a rugged style that looks good beat up, clean them up, fix them up, and if they’re beyond that point, toss them and buy a brand new just like them pair.

Be honest with yourself. I like to think, “Gosh, flats are fun, and I’m tall, so I should stick to flats”, but I’ve realized, I only wear flats with long things. I do not love my knees exposed, in a skirt or dress, with flats. I feel like a good wedge makes them look like I work harder on them than I actually do. So I won’t spend my money on summer flats, I just won’t wear them. Pay attention to what you love, and love to wear, that makes you feel good. Invest in that, it’s an investment in confidence.

Take Pictures When You Feel Good

Lastly, when I take pictures, I take a lot of them. I actually take a video, I prop my phone up somewhere or on something, and set it to video. Then I move really really slowly. I go and stop the video after about a minute. I press play, press pause, and move my finger to adjust where in the video I am, and take a screen shot of that. Then I crop and edit. This way, I can get the most flattering pictures and poses, and I pay attention to which poses are better than others. I am still working on where I should stand and how I should pose, in group photos. But I seem to be getting that single shot down pretty well.

You are amazing, your body has gotten you this far in life, take care of it and you’ll have some amazing adventures.

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