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Gingham—It’s “In” For 2019

Gingham—It’s “In” for 2019

I’ve been looking at fashion trends for 2019 and there are some pretty interesting ones. Have you considered snakeskin as a pattern? Yeah, me neither. How about marigold yellow? What about red—all over? Or a rainbow of colors all over? Some trends are fun to look at but much harder to pull off and look good in. Check out this article from Huffington Post on spring 2019 fashion trends:

One popular trend that I love wearing is gingham. Gingham is such a classic pattern. It never really goes out of style, but this year, it is all the rage and I get why. It’s an interesting pattern because it comes in such a wide variety of colors and sizes of checks. It can look familiar yet different. It can look good as an accessory or all over in a coat or a dress. You may be wondering how it can be classy and trendy at the same time. It just is!

Can you picture anyone famous in gingham? Any famous TV characters? Stars have been wearing gingham during most of the 20th Century and beyond. How about Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz? She wore a white and blue gingham dress. Do you remember Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island? She wore a red check dress. Whether you are Marilyn Monroe or Taylor Swift, you’ve probably worn gingham and looked smashing while doing so.

Lucky for all of us, gingham isn’t just for the stars—it’s for all of us, too. The gingham possibilities are almost endless. It can be worn with anything, anywhere. It can be worn to any event—to work, a day in the sunshine, or even a wedding. If you are new to gingham, you could start with an accessory like a headband and see how you like it. I’ve seen some gingham pumps which were delightful and unusual. From there, you could try some spring or summer pants. I’ve seen some adorable cropped pants in gingham for this season. LuLaRoe also has some fun gingham leggings. Now, think of your favorite LuLaRoe top, skirt, or dress. Picture it in a gingham. So many LuLaRoe items are available in gingham, so if there is a shape or style that you love, think about grabbing it in gingham. It’s fun to switch things up a little bit.

One LuLaRoe piece that I love in gingham is the LuLaRoe Marly dress. It’s so cute with its rounded neck, short sleeves, belted waist, and hidden pockets. I love it in a floral or a solid, but it also looks so fun and trendy in a check. It comes in a large check, and I love in pink and black checks. I love gingham in tunic shirts, skirts of all kinds, and pants. What LuLaRoe pieces do you love? What LuLaRoe piece have you been coveting? Perhaps consider getting it in a check. You will love it!

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