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Grateful For LuLaRoe During These Times

Grateful For LuLaRoe During These Times

Over the last six weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to watch winter turn into Spring. During a season of change and a season of planting, where I’m usually a single parent with the assist of teachers to help take care of my kids or my husband plans to crop,I find myself 100 miles from home with two kids and feeling all kinds of gratitude.

Dealing With The Circumstances

When we got the order that school was canceled,It was my husband, Steve, who suggested I load up all my inventory and the kids and I stay at the lake. Well we’ve gotten to see Him time to time, I haven’t just been a work from home mom, the assistant teacher for my kids, but I’m still also the Cook for the Farm crew. Planting season finds our family and our employees working late into the night and needing fed.

So, I took the time to assemble over 20 meals to send back to the farm that they could heat up or cook easily and get out to the farm crew. During this insane time of so much cooking I’ve also gotten to take the opportunity to watch the birds migrate back to Iowa, to watch plants and trees begin to blossom and bloom, and to watch my kids navigate this like masters. Not a single day goes by that I’m not super grateful because of LuLaRoe. I’ve had the community to hang out with virtually, the ability to bring my work with me, and the flexibility to work around the schedule that works for the kids and I.

Thank Goodness For LuLaRoe

Well LuLaRoe isn’t for everyone forever, it may be just what you need right now in order to achieve the things you want to live your best life. Also with this free time that I found I thought it be fun to try skateboarding And realized a broken elbow isn’t so much fun. Thank goodness for the LulaRoe tank top and the LulaRoe Nikki dress that are easy to get on and off with a giant soft cast. Lula-Roe continues to bless our family in so many ways. I know that there’s a lot of negativity when people think about direct sales but if you think about it everything is a direct sale and one way or another.

If you want to follow along with some of my meal plans or unplanned meals be sure to follow me on Instagram @FanciestFarmwife or @LularoeJillianOrtner. And if you’re wondering what some of the favorites have been for the farm crew so far they are loving smoked tri-tip, baked pasta, and crockpot sloppy Joe’s. I hope that during this time you’re giving yourself more time and more grace.

Sometimes it’s incredibly hard to find ourselves motivated or to motivate ourselves when there’s no urgency to get any of it done. I’m here for you and want you to know while we’re not all in the same storm we’re feeling the rain the same way we can always find someone to lean onTo chat with, or to lend a helping hand. If you need me, I am here

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