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How To Shop For LuLaRoe

How To Shop For LuLaRoe

While LuLaRoe, and especially my LuLaRoe business started with an in person event, a pop-up shop if you will, where I would bring all kinds of inventory to your house, and you’d get all your friends and community there, and everyone would shop, we’d gather, we’d laugh, and it’d all be done in 90 minutes, was the main way, things have changed. I now do my pop-up shop curbside, in the trailer, and we still laugh, and gather, and shop. But that gets set up ahead of time, and its amazing, because hostesses earn one free piece for every 10 sold, and it’s amazing because you get to love on your friends and your community and they get to love on you.

How We Really Want To Shop

But sometimes, well, almost all the time, we find ourselves running like mad, in an on the go life, and we aren’t always able to make it to a pop-up or an open house, and sometimes, from the quiet of our sleeping house, and the coziness of our bed, that’s when we want to shop, so how do we do that?

Buy LuLaRoe Online

Shop LuLaRoe Online

Well, you can easily head on into my LuLaRoe facebook group and see outfits put together, watch a replay from a Facebook live, or styling session, and engage with other community member customers. Or you can shop LuLaRoe on my website. I do my best to keep my inventory up to date, and up on the website, and we load new inventory several times a week. To shop there, simply go to and check it out. If you find yourself wondering about sizing questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

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