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How To Style A Midi Skirt

How to Style a Midi Skirt

Midi Skirts are a super versatile style of skirt, that you can wear many ways. They dress casually with flats, or sandals, or comfortable canvas sneakers. You can change the look completely by adding heels, or wedges, and swapping out accessories.

Midi Skirts may be a longer fitted skirt, similar to LuLaRoe’s Elegant Ivy skirt, or they may be a bit more flow, like the current, faux button down, with pockets, Marsha. LuLaRoe has also had the LoLa midi skirt, which has since been retired.

How To Wear It

Today, I’m focusing on the Marsha, and styling that, using Marsha pictures, and similar styles, found on Pinterest. Marsha is a faux button down midi skirt, with an elastic waistband, and a draw string. The elastic waistband is stretchy enough, you can go down one size, especially if you’re closer to the ground, and the draw string is great if you want to size up and go with a longer skirt. It’s comfortable and more flattering that I’d been anticipating.

Currently, with no where to go, during our extended social distancing, I’ve kept my outfits more casual. I wore some chunky heeled sandals, a hat, a graphic tee, and my midi skirt to grab our pizza, and take some cute pictures on old train cars, (that’s a typical Tuesday for you). I’ve worn my solid blue Marsha with a striped Iris tee, and some sandals, for a dinner outside on a patio with a friend. They’re easy to dress up, too, though. Picture it with a crisp button down shirt, and wide belt, with heels. How about a smooth tank top and heels, and some really simple and elegant jewelry. In cooler weather, a fitted sweater, and tall boots with a big comfortable blanket scarf, will be the look you wear time and time again.

How Should A Midi Skirt Fit

Where should the midi skirt hit? This is a great question, like with capri pants, you can have a skirt hit you in the wrong spot, and you instantly feel like your legs are so much shorter, which feels like yuck. So keep in mind, just below the knee, or just below the widest part of your calf. If you keep it there, you’re set. I also suggest wearing it up at your natural waist, or just below it. If you have it slung low on your hips, you’ll lose your waist, and feel wider.

What Shoes To Pair With It

Shoes, what shoes do I wear with this? Well, unless you’re very very sporty, and your sneakers are very very clean, I’d suggest not wearing sneakers with this outfit. Think clean lines, or rugged and chunky with clean lines in neutral colors. If you grab pumps, I’m more of a fan of an almond toe, or a pointy toe, these will make your legs look longer, round toes, can typically stay at home. You’re never wrong with sandals, either flats, or wedges will suit this style well. When picking shoes, consider the whole look, not just the skirt and down.

As always, if you’ve got questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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