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It’s Always Been More Than Selling Clothes

It’s Always Been More Than Selling Clothes

Third trimester, with second baby, I was wiser than I was with the first.

I Google: “Post baby clothes”, “Maternity Clothes that aren’t Maternity Clothes”, “What to wear post baby”.

Google replies: “Maxi Skirts and Leggings”, “Maxi Skirts”, “Leggings”

Me: I won’t wear leggings, where can I find maxi skirts. It’s midnight, and I’m wondering this again and again. Every time I head to Sioux City, I find the same exact maxi skirts, Target, and the Gap outlet. I buy them, they’ll work, for now.

Until the fateful day a friend posts, “Friends, don’t forget, I’m having a maxi skirt party tomorrow! Let me know if you need the address.”

Me: PM Laurel, “Laurel. Are these skirts long enough for us? How can I get some?” Laurel is in NV, I’m in IA. She replies, “Yes, long enough. No website. I can text pictures.”

I bought 3. Two months later, I was hooked on LuLaRoe clothes, and my consultant suggested I join. And I did, August 2013, with a 2 month old.

First Starting Off

I had pop-up’s everywhere, back then, they were LuLaRoe maxi skirt parties. I took that sweet baby with me, and we sold skirts, and met friends, and loved on other human beings who just needed some kindness in their lives.

In the 6 and a half years since, I’ve learned a few things. I realized, as a wife, and as mom, I spent all of me, serving, and becoming less of me. I didn’t know how to hold on to myself, while serving others. I was fading into the hills of western Iowa, just a little more each day, so we didn’t really notice, until we saw me transform back in to my own version of me, my best version of me.

I didn’t have a community, I’ve always been a bit of a loner, which is a term I’m totally cool with, I’m fine being by myself, or with Steve and the kids, but I didn’t have a community of friends, or mentors to look to, to reach out to, to learn from. Because of my time with Lularoe, I’ve got friends all over the country, both fellow retailers, and customers. We share life hacks, jokes, and little bits of our own burdens so we don’t have to carry them alone. We gather, we get out, we grow, we serve, we share love.

What LuLaRoe Brought To Me

I was feeling uninspired, with all of it. My life was on repeat, and we didn’t work too hard to push our boundaries. A whole lot of the sameness kept it’s self repeating over and over. But, because of LuLaRoe, we have all learned how to give more, and grow more, how to challenge ourselves, and others. We have chosen to make small ripples and big impacts in our physical community, and the community in our hearts and on our minds. My whole family is learning generosity because of LuLaRoe, we are learning that by lifting others, we lift ourselves. We are learning, how to learn, new things, new ideas, and be more inspired by the people we surround ourselves with every day. I recently asked my LuLaRoe team how they measure their success, and why they joined.

So many joined because they needed an extra $500 a month, or $1,000 to help pay an upcoming cost, or to travel more. But my favorite was from a team member who said (and I’m paraphrasing), “Fortunately, the decision to join LuLaRoe wasn’t about the money, we are grateful we don’t have a financial need from this business. But it was an investment in me. I was losing me, and I needed to get out and socialize with other people. This investment made me get out in my community, have popups, and make friends.”

In todays world, people are connecting less and less, in real life. Serotonin and Endorphins released from hugs, aren’t happening. Did you know, we are making less physical contact, and less eye contact? With Lularoe, and in person events, we remedy that, even if it’s just a little bit, each time we go out, and make eye contact, compliment someone, hug someone.

Need more info on hosting a pop-up, email me, Want to join LuLaRoe, and get yourself out in the world again, email me,

In LuLaRoe, we talk about a “Glow Up” I’ve experienced that for sure, I shine brighter, because of LuLaRoe.

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