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LuLaRoe Clothes For Those Really Hard Weeks

LuLaRoe Clothes For Those Really Hard Weeks

This week was so hard, one hard hit after another. My old dog was suffering, and it was time to make a really hard choice. There is no right answer, there was nothing I could do that would make it better, for the both of us, so I set aside me, and focused on her, and we made the hard appointment with our favorite veterinarian, and we had a beautiful separation. She went in pease, her pain gone, mine was overwhelming. There is just no right answer.

LuLaRoe Clothing

We are far from glamorous. She’s dying, and I’m a wreck. Today is our last day together. I’m hoping I have the grace to say goodbye to her, well. She’s been the one who always knew when to pull me out of my own darkness, with her in my life, I made better choices, I knew I had a huge responsibility, taking care of the one who took such good care of me. She’s the best secret keeper, and she’s always smiled at my jokes. She would set a good pace on our runs and she never rolled her eyes when I needed to stop for snacks or a bathroom breaks on our road trips. She loves baby cones and from this day on, when I have one, I’ll always think of her. She loved to chase birds and balls, but those days are behind her now.

She was still hauling rocks up until two days ago. She’s been a best friend to my little kids, even before they could say her name, she was their number one side kick. She taught me how to love, not just her, but myself. This sucks, and yet, I’d go through this heart ache, all over again, to have the amazing memories that I’ve made. I am crying so many tears of sadness, and gratitude. I am so grateful #crespothebordercollie has been such an incredible piece of my life. I couldn’t have asked for a better buddy. If you have to go through something like this, my heart and thoughts are with you.

LuLaRoe Outfits For Weeks Like This

Now, a little review of what I’ve been wearing during this incredibly hard week, with temperamental yet beautiful weather. Jeans and a button down shirt, LuLaRoe Jeans, and a LuLaRoe Valentina. It worked for the day I was off running errands for the day I drove all over, and to sweet Crespo to the vet to try to just help her out, for the day I said goodbye to my best friend (although it was a bit cooler, so I added a Caroline cardigan for an extra layer), and for the day and date, with Steve. It’s comfortable, and yet, like all LuLaRoe, its nice enough for me to look like my life is doing well, when I feel like I am falling apart.

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