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LuLaRoe: The Elegant Choice

LuLaRoe: The Elegant Choice

No matter the occasion, from a night out on the town, to a wedding celebration, to a run to the supermarket, we all want to feel beautiful and elegant.

Elegance is many things to many people, but to me, elegance is all about confidence. When I feel confident, I stand a little straighter, I smile a little wider, and I express myself a little louder. LuLaRoe gives me that confidence every time I pull on my favorite Madison skirt or curl up in a Sarah Cardigan. I am at my most confident—and my most elegant— when I wear the clothes that make me happy and help me to express myself. Feel Elegant and Confident in LuLaRoe Clothes

LuLaRoe is that essential spice of elegance you need in any wardrobe. Its clothes are fashionable, timeless, and, of course, very very cute. Not only that, but with so many styles and colors and patterns, it’s easy to stand out in a crowd with LuLaRoe. LuLaRoe is also very versatile. When you wear LuLaRoe clothes, you can be edgy, or cute, or sophisticated, or sexy. You can be whoever you want to be. No matter what look you go for, you’ll always be carrying a bit of elegance with you.

LuLaRoe’s New Elegant Collection

LuLaRoe’s new Elegant All Ways Collection is the best place to look to bring some ultra elegance into your life. Just take a look at the beautiful fabrics. I’m not the only one itching to run my hands over some of those velvety dresses and skirts, right? You can imagine how comfortable they would feel. This collection is pure class and the very definition of elegant. Let’s break down some of my favorites.

The Ivy Midi Pencil Skirt. The practical office wear. The party standout. The wardrobe staple. This skirt is as versatile as it gets. Not only that, but it just screams confidence. This is the skirt you need in your closet. Pair it with a Mary and a Stella Bolero Jacket from the Elegant Collection and you’ve got an effortlessly gorgeous look.

Elegant Always

Speaking of the Stella Bolero Jacket, check out the deliciously adventurous styles this jacket has going on in this collection. It has sparkles. It has sequins. It has extra long and pointy sequins. Now, I know what you’re thinking. How can I pull off a jacket like this? Simple. Make the jacket the statement piece of your outfit. If your jacket is on the wild and colorful end, pair it with a neutral, solid color top, and a dark skirt or jean. If you’ve opted for more conservative jacket, play it up by pairing it with a complimentary colored top or dress. You will catch eyes wherever you go.

Finally, I have to talk about the Noelle Faux Wrap Dress. This elegant dress is perfect for any body shape and will give you that beautiful hourglass figure. Spruce up your outfit even more with a statement necklace and heels. You’ll be feeling elegant in no time.

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