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LuLaRoe’s New Black, White, & Charcoal

LuLaRoe’s New Black, White, & Charcoal

What do you think of when you think of LuLaRoe? Let me guess: bright colors, creative patterns, unconventional prints, and so on, right?

LuLaRoe’s hot new collection is all this, but think greyscale. Not only that, it’s probably one of their slickest collections yet. While part of the fun of LuLaRoe is all of the delicious colors and fun patterns, Black, White, & Charcoal (BWC) bring a sophisticated look to LuLaRoe outfits.

The Black, White, Charcoal Collection is a fresh take on this season’s hottest trend: monochromatic color schemes. These are the kinds of clothes that somehow go with anything, yet can make a statement on their own. The possibilities are practically endless with this collection.

Need that perfect staple piece to complete your wardrobe? Get a solid legging (or two). Want to up your professional game? Show off in the classic Cassie pencil skirt in a floral print. Dressing down? Chill in the camo Jax jogger. Want something a little bolder? Make a statement with the LuLaRoe Hudson long sleeve shirt. Another great option is to find an Emily Dress and incorporate the BWC look into that. Whatever you decide to do, be sure to put your own adorable little flare into it.

This collection will elevate your fashion game. And do you want to know the best thing about it? Creating a look using this collection will be a cinch. Practically every color pairs perfectly with black, white, or charcoal.

The LuLaRoe BWC Collection really has it all: it’s classic, it’s chic, it’s a little street. It has everything you need to feel confident, cool, and—of course—glamorous.

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