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My Most Recent Style Icon

My Most Recent Style Icon

Who is your style icon? Is there someone in your neighborhood or someone in the headlines with a style that you love? Who do you look to for inspiration? For tips? Miriam “Midge” Maisel from “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” has my heart swooning every time I watch an episode. Not only is the show incredibly good, but have you seen this woman’s wardrobe? It speaks to me. No, it sings to me. I want every single pair of shoes, every jewel- tone dress, and all of her incredible coats. Where does one keep so many glorious coats? Her style is classic, and incredibly classy.

Most of the time, when you think of the “classic style” you think of black, white, cream, tan, navy, and occasionally red. But in this show, Maisel wears emerald, garnet, ruby, and yellow. Each dress, blouse, and coat are all so gloriously well done. Each piece is modestly tasteful, and well-tailored. When I look at Maisel, I keep thinking of Audrey Hepburn and her classic looks as well. Most things Maisel wears are a solid color with the occasional small scarf around her neck adding a bit of color. I love her long gloves, hats that look just right, and purses. The way she dresses totally reflects her personality and what she is going through. As you can probably tell, Maisel is my style icon. Who is yours?

My love of all things Maisel is probably why I love our LuLaRoe Amelia Dress so much. It is such a classic look. I love the tailored fit on top with the wide pleats, the exposed zipper in the back (it adds so much style), and of course the hidden pockets. The rounded neck is perfect for accessorizing, and I love the length. Knee length is the perfect length for fashion in every season.

I love how you can take the Amelia and with your choice of fabric, completely change the look. If you go with bold wide stripes, you can look fun and trendy. If you choose a solid, a thin stripe, or a polka dot, you look timeless. I love how the Amelia looks so good with so many different layers. Think of a denim jacket, a simple cardigan, or a longer sweater like the Sarah. Or my favorite—think of the Amelia with one of Maisel’s coats!

You always have so many options with the Amelia. On the show, Maisel seems to have an endless number of incredible wardrobe options, the kind I dream of! But with the Amelia, one dress can get you really far because of all of the different looks you can create with it. Of course, the thing that amazes me the most about LuLaRoe is that the company designed a dress that can look so good but yet be comfortable. For me, comfort is worth a lot.

I hope you find some clothing inspiration in 2019. I hope you find a style icon to study and to model after. It helps to see looks that you love. Who knows what you have in your own closet already that would help you create that look? Dare to dream about Maisel’s pink coat or any piece that speaks to you.

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