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Now Available: The LuLaRoe Mitzi

Now Available: The LuLaRoe Mitzi

This time of year is when the weather starts to cool off and we start making a few changes to our closets. We all lament the sad day when we pack up our cute summer tank tops and pull out our sweaters, but it’s not all bad. There are a lot of really cute LuLaRoe fall outfits just waiting for the weather to drop a little more. One great addition to your LuLaRoe collection this fall, the Mitzi top.

What is The LuLaRoe Mitzi

The LuLaRoe Mitzi is an adorable new top that you can now find at my online LuLaRoe shop. It is a cute super fitted tunic that is made out of MVS material and comes in sizes ranging from XXS to 3XL. Not only does this top look amazing, it is also comfortable and functional. Like most LuLaRoe pieces, putting together a LuLaRoe outfit is never hard because of how cute and compatible everything is.

The LuLaRoe Mitzi is no exception here. This tunic has a short, top-slitted dolman sleeve to add that extra flair of cute to your outfit. Not only this, but the Mitzi comes with a detachable matching sash. You can tie that around your waste for a more complete look or use it as a bracelet or put it in your hair for a matching accessory. Perhaps the best part about the LuLaRoe Mitzi, it has pockets! This is incredible for those times you want to wear that adorable skirt that doesn’t have pockets and you don’t feel like holding your phone in your hand all day. LuLaRoe fashion tip for you: The LuLaRoe Mitzi is an incredible option for just about any occasion.

What To Wear It With

Like most LuLaRoe clothes the Mitzi is easy to pair with the pieces already in your closet. Our favorite pairing is the LuLaRoe Mitzi with a LuLaRoe Bella skirt. You could do this and then wear a cute necklace that would be the cherry on top of your dressed up look. In this case, I recommend wearing the sash either in the middle or with a cute knot on the side to top off your outfit.

Another great option for the LuLaRoe Mitzi is to pair with some LuLaRoe jeans. This is the fanciest way to pull off a cute and casual look. The extra flair that comes with the slit in the sleeve makes this top just dressed up enough while still allowing you to pull off that casual look. Like most LuLaRoe clothes, this is a perfect mix of cute and comfortable.

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