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One Of My Favorites—the Madison Skirt

One of My Favorites—the Madison Skirt

Why invest in the Madison skirt?

LuLaRoe’s Madison skirt is knee-length, swishy, and comes in a variety of colors, patterns and fabrics. It is one of my favorite LuLaRoe fashion tips. It features hand set box pleats and hidden pockets, perfect for a phone or keys. This skirt is a great transitional piece that can be dressed up and down. Wear it every day or dress it up for a special occasion. In the Madison, you feel feminine, sexy, and beautiful, yet comfortable. What combination! Wearing it may make any day a special occasion. 

This skirt is designed as the bottom half of the Amelia dress. It sits high on your natural waist. To get it there, put it at your high waist, then pull it up another inch or two. This skirt is designed to make the person wearing it, look like they’ve got an hour-glass figure, which is incredible. It beautifully glides over any problem areas be they waist or hips.

For those of us who wore low rise jeans through high school and college, this feels incredibly odd. I promise, pull it up, and either tuck your shirt in, or knot it up, or add a belt, and you’ll look so much better than you would wearing it low on your hips. Its elastic waistband will help it stay in place no matter how you wear it.

Wearing a skirt or dress in the summer is much cooler than jeans, capris, or shorts. Air flows and you feel cool and comfortable. My time in Iraq made me realize many of the people, both men and women, wear a loose, flowing style of clothing, probably for this reason. Now that I wear dresses and skirts, I appreciate them so much more.

What do I wear with the Madison skirt?

The options are almost endless! So many tops go with the Madison.

  • I recommend the Gigi. The Gigi has a high rounded neck and elbow length sleeves. It is LuLaRoe’s first fitted shirt. It can go under anything or stand alone and look cute.
  • You can’t go wrong with the Classic T, especially in the summer. It has short sleeves, a scoop neck and a hi-low hemline. It’s loose and comfortable, perfect for a casual summer look.
  • Another great options is to pair the Madison with the Sarah, a lightweight, full length cardigan for a totally different look.
  • Wear a button down denim shirt knotted or tucked in. Denim is a classic look and one that looks great with the Madison. You could also wear the Classic T with a denim shirt or jacket over the top and open. Don’t forget some cute jewelry.
  • The Madison can be like summer when worn with cute sandals or more like fall when worn with ankle or riding boots.
  • Dress the Madison up for work with a solid colored, long sleeved T-shirt plus jewelry or with a blazer.
  • Or dress the Madison down with a printed T-shirt and Converse shoes for a sporty-glam look.

If you are looking for a versatile wardrobe piece to be worn again and again, the Madison may be the right skirt for you.

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