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Patterns- The New Neutrals

Patterns- The New Neutrals

It’s officially spring and how many of you ladies are ready for a change to your wardrobe? I know I am. It’s the perfect time to go through your closet and pull out spring and summer styles and colors. When you do, I bet you’ll have a lot of “oh, yeah” moments, when you find cute things you wore last year that you forgot you had. I love it when that happens. It’s like getting something new. When I have a block of time, I also like to pull out pieces and try to find new combinations. I love making a new look with things I already have. Sometimes, you can make a new look and then buy one little accessory that creates a “wow” factor.

I’ve been wearing a lot of black this winter. It’s time for some innovation. When you look in your closet, you probably see a number of different patterns and prints. Have you ever considered that some prints are considered a neutral and will go with anything? Most of us know that solids in black, white, navy, and kaki are neutrals and will go with almost anything. But what about patterns?

In the world of fashion today, most “rules” have been thrown in the garbage. The new fashion rule is that anything goes. Despite this, most of us want a few rules to guide us. So let me tell you about a few patterns that are neutral—stripes, camouflage, and leopard prints. Maybe you can start with these patterns and rethink how you put things together in your LuLaRoe wardrobe.

Let’s start with stripes. Think of a navy and white striped horizontal shirt. Can you see it with polka dots? What about a floral? Are you in shock? Let the shock wear off and this idea settle for a minute. You will start to see that you can wear 2 different patterns and still look like a well-put-together modern woman. When I wear 2 patterns together, I like to have a color in both patterns that connects them. If I was to wear the hypothetical navy and white striped shirt, I would choose a floral skirt with a hint of navy in it.

Let’s talk about camo. It’s gotten really popular in the last few years. You can pair camo with any bright color. I really like neon and I love pinks. What about stripes? When you wear some bold stripes, the camo fades into the background and seems very neutral.

You may be wondering how leopard stripes could possibly be neutral. I’m telling you they can. I really like a touch of leopard—a handbag, a cute pair of pumps, a jacket, or a skirt. Leopard stands out but seriously goes with anything. I love to pair it with bright color like a pink, red, or coral, even mint. If you don’t have any leopard print, start with a pair of shoes. I promise you that you will wear them with everything.

Happy closet hunting and Happy Spring!

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