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Self Care: We Can Learn A Lot From Houseplants

Self Care: We Can Learn A Lot From Houseplants

About two months ago, I read an article about how houseplants need fed about every 2 months. While reading this, I look up, and look around at my sad little houseplants that continue to clean up our CO2 and provide us with fresh oxygen. My sad little houseplants, they’ve been running on empty for a long time. Some are 10 years old, and I have never fed them. So I jumped on Amazon, and ordered plant food, and patted myself on the back for being a responsible plant mom. You see, for about a month, at that time, I’d consistently been watering them, they didn’t even have to wilt first to let me know.

A month went by. I had not fed my houseplants. So I asked Steve if he knew where that plant food I had ordered, had gotten put. He looked at our amazon account, and I never actually ordered the plant food. The plants continue to give, and yet, I’m not feeding them. Poor plants.

A Lesson To Learn

The very next day, I found a post on Facebook, a brief video with plant hacks, actually, that blew my mind. This little video gave me some ideas on how I can help those plants out, with out the plant food, or at least, until I get the plant food. I fed them hair from my hair brush, and within 24 hours, my test plants (you know I only tested out on a few) had already perked up.

While thinking of my ill treatment of house plants, yesterday, I began to think about us, collectively, as a society, and more directly, my community, the people I stay connected to, either on line, or in real life. I started thinking about how as people, we don’t feed ourselves, really feed ourselves, good stuff, all that often.

You see, we aren’t plants, we can’t hold on, on water alone. We can’t live on a diet of diet coke, and then go and give our best to our family and friends. We can’t get up in the morning, pulling on clothing that just covers our bodies but doesn’t give us a self confidence boost, to kick start our day. We can’t survive on potato chips and cookies alone. We need more. We need a group of friends we can gather with, for coffee, for lunch, for laughs. Fortunately, many have found community in my Lularoe VIP group. It’s a place for positivity, community, and an online breath of fresh air sometimes, when the world goes dark, we don’t.

What We Really Need

We need good food. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a sucker for snacks, and junk food, and body garbage. But what if we took the time to buy the carrots, then, came home, rinsed them, peeled, them, sliced them, and stuck them in the refrigerator, to snack on later? Currently, I’m really lucky, my dad was just here, and he brought us beef stick and beef jerky from his butcher shop, Rawhide Quality Meats, in Jamestown, CA. (209) 984-3609 give them a call, and ask them how many packages they can fit in, of Jerky or Beef Sticks, into a flat rate priority envelope ($8 for shipping) and haul around a healthier option. Please note, these come in handy when you’re getting your hair done, and you’re super hungry.

Positive Affirmations

We need positive affirmations, and good vibes. I’m not a religious person, but I believe god, and mother nature, and positive self talk. So find some people who lift you up, to follow on social media.

Some of my favorites are: @staceb1513 on instagram, she’s a personal friend, and that whole Instagram account is just good quotes and amazing messages; follow @Joy Everlasting on Facebook, she’s a friend of mine in real life, with a Womens ministries blog and community and she’s amazing; follow me, my personal instagram is @fanciestfarmwife and my LuLaRoe instagram is @LularoeJillianOrtner, I just love to share good clothes, good messages about positive self talk, goals, and dreams, and funny things my kids do. And then, put the good out there. Feed your body, feed your thoughts, feed your soul. Wear the things that make you happy, because getting dressed is one of the first things we do.

Now, go feed your plants, because if you’re like me, they get neglected a bit.

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