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Some Advice From The LuLaRoe Lioness

Some Advice From The LuLaRoe Lioness

A lot of you have known me for a while. You know that I love fashion and I love making people look amazing in the right clothes, especially our super cute LuLaRoe clothes. When my customers are happy, it is my energy and my fuel to keep going. I wanted to use this blog to help you to get to know me better. One important thing to know about me is how I face challenges in life. I, like all of you, have had many! The more life experience I get, I am finding out that facing challenges and dealing with challenges head on, in a weird way, also makes me happy. I’m starting to see that challenges make me who I am today and are making me stronger and stronger.

I was looking at my Facebook profile and some of the movies that I listed as favorites. I listed Harry Potter three times, I think, and The Mighty Ducks. Do you remember those shows? I love all the Harry Potter movies (obviously) and the character himself. In every movie and from a young age, Harry faces almost impossible odds and crazy challenges. In every single movie, Harry’s challenges seem to be too much. Yet he gets through them and keeps going. In The Goblet of Fire, it doesn’t seem fair that he makes it all the way through the Tri-Wizard Tournament unscathed only to watch his friend die before his eyes. He had fought dragons for crying out loud and had swum with Mermaids, breathing with his own gills. Yet, he doesn’t realize the greater challenges ahead. I admire so much the fact that he keeps going, despite so many obstacles.

Do your remember The Mighty Ducks? This guy has to do community service by coaching a kid hockey team. At first, there are so many frustrations and problems, but then the team pulls together and the kids, despite their quirks, meet their potential. Is that just how life is? If we keep trying, we will meet our potential. We just have to keep going. These movies have really inspired me.

I want to encourage any of you out there who might feel weighed down with challenges to keep going!! Stand tall. Let your body language show that you are confident in yourself, even if inside you feel that you are falling apart. Change the way you talk to yourself. Say, “I’m confident that…” Instead of, “I’m really low.” Sometimes our bodies belief the words our minds are saying to them. Even when we are in the middle of a challenge, we can accomplish something. Do something you have been wanting to do, even if it is cleaning the bathroom sink. We feel proud when we DO something, rather than let life do things to us.

When I have a complaint from a customer, I want to face that challenge and find solutions. I have been amazed at how much my business has improved because I faced things that came up. That is who I am. I want to solve problems. Sometimes, they end up being a huge blessing.

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