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Spring And Summer Fashion Colors

Spring and Summer Fashion Colors

The Pantone Color Institute studies New York Fashion Week, with an eye for the hues that will define the upcoming season. They recently debuted their Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report, an alluring palette for spring/summer 2019. Color transcends cut and material to create a mood. It’s personal–everyone has “their colors”–but it also responds to trend and season. When choosing new LuLaRoe clothes, let these trending tones inspire you.

If last summer was about acidic neons and muted primary colors, 2019 will be the year of spicy, citrus-y shades. In their fresh Color Trend Report, Pantone mingles blazing sunset oranges–Turmeric and Fiesta–with earthy greens like Pepper Stem and Terrarium Moss. Blue, red, and purple tones are wonderfully rich. Pantone’s colors of the moment give the impression of a vibrant street fair, ideal for summer’s daytime heat and nighttime adventures. 

There are endless ways to remix Pantone’s palette into fun LuLaRoe outfits for the spring and summer. 

Princess Blue, a bold lapis color, is perfect for summery jewelry, sandals, and other accessories. Pair it with a dress that approximates laid-back Sweet Lilac. Together, the gentle pink and vivid jewel-tone blue exude Miami beachfront vibes. 

You can’t discuss LuLaRoe summer clothes without yellow. Pantone’s Aspen Gold and Mango Mojito are both potent, golden-hour yellows that add zing to any summer outfit. Match a brilliant golden-yellow midi/maxi skirt with a top in a neutral tone like Sweet Corn–Pantone’s warm off-white. The carefree combo beckons you to go for a walk with nothing but a book in hand. 

Christmas may be far away, but green and red belong together year-round. They are complementary colors, so they’ll make your LuLaRoe outfits pop. A warm-toned natural green like Pepper Stem contrasts nicely with tropical Living Coral or sultry Jester Red. A darker green could offset fiery Fiesta.

What other time of year could you rock a shade like Turmeric? As a tank top or a shirt, the eye-popping orange flaunts your tan. Let it speak for itself, or calm it down with Soybean, a sandy beige. 

LuLaRoe summer clothes don’t have to be casual. For the more sophisticated warm weather events, there are other ways to style summer’s hottest hues. Dip into Pantone’s neutral palette to choose a blazer or cardigan. Then let your true colors shine underneath, in a patterned dress or top. Try navy blue Eclipse or sophisticated Brown Granite alongside Pink Peacock, a vivid magenta color.

According to the Pantone Color Institute, this summer we’ll be trading in candy colors and pastels for intense, organic tones. Think sunflower yellows, mineral blues and the occasional mossy green. As you refresh your wardrobe with new LuLaRoe clothes, bear in mind the Pantone report. Regardless of which colors you favor, there’s something there for everyone.

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