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Swim Suit Coverup Options: LuLaRoe Has Got You Covered!

Swim Suit Coverup Options: LuLaRoe has got you covered!

It’s the hottest part of the summer and when the temperature is between 90 and 100 everyday, it’s hard to think of doing much else other than sitting in air conditioning inside or going outside and dealing with the heat by getting in the water. Being in the water at the beach, lake or pool is the perfect way to stay cool. There’s something about being near water that is both relaxing and rejuvenat

ing. However, no one wants to be at the beach, not looking her best. You need the right coverup that helps you to feel stylish and comfortable. You want to look beautiful and feel confidant anywhere and especially in a swimsuit. Don’t worry! LuLaRoe has got you covered—literally–in our great coverup options.

Here are some of my favorites:

The Irma

Even though technically the LuLaRoe Irma is a tunic shirt, it is oversized. I may size down a size or two for regular wear, but it works great being a little bit oversized for a coverup. The roominess of it and the length are perfect to pull on to wear towards the water. If you have really long legs, it might be too short for you, so measure before you buy, but it’s just right for most of us. Wearing it a little oversized is flowy and comfortable and adorable. You are completely covered but cool with lots of ventilation.

The Shirley

The LuLaRoe Shirley is a light weight, flowing kimono, that floats on a breeze around you, as you head to your sun chair, or place in the shade. They come in 3 sizes. Small fits women size XS to medium. Medium fits women size small to large, and Large fit women size large to 3XL. These don’t completely cover, since they hang open, but they cover enough to provide some extra confidence this summer. They also look great over a cute dress. They make any swimsuit or dress look elegant and trendy—so beautiful! They come in so many fabrics and colors that the hard part is going to be choosing which one you want. Maybe it’s best not to have to choose only one.

The Maxi Skirt

The Maxi skirt features a fold over waistband and stretchy material throughout. Many women will pull their maxi skirt into a maxi dress, for the walk to the beach. The Maxi as coverup dress is comfortable and flattering. As a skirt, the Maxi is ankle-length. For some women, wearing it as a dress only changes the length a few inches. For others, the length becomes mid-calf. Either way, it is still long, flowy, and beautiful. Yet, you get quite a bit of coverage. Like so many LuLaRoe styles, the maxi can be dressed up and down. It will take you to the beach and beyond. It can be casual, worn with a simple t-shirt on top or dressed up more with a cute shrug, sweater, or blazer. Every wardrobe needs at least one Maxi skirt!

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