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Key Takeaways From The LuLaRoe Convention This Summer

Key Takeaways From The LuLaRoe Convention This Summer

At the end of July, every year, LuLaRoe holds their annual Convention. I attended my first one, in 2014, almost a year into my business, and just over a year into LuLaRoe being a company. Over the years, the things I learn, and the things that inspire me, change, and this year was no different. There are classes to help retailers with product knowledge, tips for serving their customers better, check lists for treating your business like a business, LuLaRoe fashion tips, and so on. You learn things to help you, and your business from other retailers you chat with in the hallways, and the whole place buzzes with excitement.

What I Learned At This Year’s Conference

While there is plenty of incredible info about LuLaRoe my learning wasn’t limited to the clothing. This year, I recognized a reoccurring theme with my conversations, and the snippets I picked up, this year, I realized, as women, we are not typically confident, and that confidence and confident women, scare other women. We are mostly afraid of being seen. I can’t pinpoint a day that my life became more of the shadows than the spotlight, but in the past year and a half or so, I realized that was happening to me. That it had been going on for years, and I hadn’t truly noticed, or I was just unaware of the extent it had been in my life. And about a year ago, I decided it was time for a change.

While in Anaheim, I would chat with friends, and retailers turned new friends, about this. I realized about 6 months ago, amazing, empowering, smart, beautiful friends of mine, were lacking the self confidence they should have. So I started a mini crusade to help them move out of shadows and into more of a spotlight. I started sending them messages, and memes on a regular basis, to encourage them to love themselves more. I did this through text, phone calls, and messages. But I didn’t do it publicly, I was doing it quietly.

LuLaRoe Outfits

The last day of convention, we listened to Lisa Nichols, a motivational speaker, and something she said, was the icing on the cake of my Convention conversations. She said, “you can’t be great at what you do, you can’t fully utilize the gifts you’ve been given, you can’t share your message with the world, or help all the people you’re destined to help, without being sparkly, without being shiny, without being seen. If being seen is holding you back, you can’t do what you’re meant to do, “ that is a paraphrase, but the resounding, “yes, YES” isn’t. This made me realize, I’ve been encouraging my friends to shine brighter, through whispers, because I don’t want to be seen. I’ve been in a bit of my own shadows, and it’s time I come into my own light. I’m starting to share more, publicly, about being more self confident. People will see me, but that’s ok, because I can’t serve and not be seen.

A great book that will help women recognize their struggles, so they can identify them, and move beyond them, is “How Women Rise.” I suggest checking that out. And you’re looking for a good TED Talk, check out Sharyl Sandburgs talk on Women Sitting at the Table.

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