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The Adorable LuLaRoe Emily Swing Dress

The Adorable LuLaRoe Emily Swing Dress

Look no further if you need a cute, versatile tunics for all occasions. Buy LuLaRoe for a top you’ll love so much you’ll want to wear it every day. Thankfully, it comes in several patterns so you can do just that!

What Is The LuLaRoe Emily?

The LuLaRoe Emily is an adorably cute tunic! I love this vibrant piece for fall and winter. This top is one of my favorite LuLaRoe outfits because it’s so versatile that I can dress it down with leggings and boots or dress it up with tights and heels. With three different patterns available, it means I can wear it several times a week. Plaid, floral and abstract stripe options make it easy to choose an Emily tunic no matter your tastes.

This long, comfy tunic is designed to wear with leggings. That’s right, it will cover your hips and your butt completely, so there’s no need to worry if you’re covered when you’re sitting, standing or in motion. It’s also designed for both comfort and style.

Tips For Wearing The Emily

One of our best LuLaRoe fashion tips: No need to worry if you’re dressed right for a particular occasion. You can just as easily wear this cute tunic top to a family bonfire as to an office an Christmas party. Just put a change of footwear in your car, and you can dress this top up or down in a pinch.

Long sleeves with fitted cuffs make this long top warm and cozy from early fall on into the deepest of winter. The long length, between mid thigh and knee-length depending on the size you need and your height, means extra warmth in cold weather and extra flounce for those special occasions.

The Emily Comes In So Many Patterns And Designs

Choose the black and red plaid design on white for a cute Christmas option. Pair it with black or red leggings for a stunning, vibrant finish. The plaid top also looks adorable with a pair of winter boots in black.The floral pattern is ideal for summer and fall months. Wear this pretty navy blue and white short dress with tennis shoes or sandals, or pair it with tights and chunky heels for a slightly more dressy look. And just like the plaid option, it will wear well into the winter too.

The pink, purple and blue striped version is cute for summer as well as fall and winter. Pair it with black or brown boots. You can also really make the colors pop in this pattern by choosing colored LuLaRoe leggings or tights to match the shades of pink or purple. All of these could be great options for comfortable LuLaRoe outfits.

The LuLaRoe Emily always looks smart and professional when paired with our black leggings. You can also add a layer for extra warmth. May I suggest the Sarah cardigan or the Lucille sweater? Another great option is the Caroline cardigan, especially in dark teal. Mix and match to make this one of your cutest LuLaRoe outfits!

Buy LuLaRoe and you’ll always have something fashionable and comfortable to wear with the Emily. Be sure to look through our site for other LuLaRoe fashion tips and ideas to wear with the Emily top.

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