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The Cute And Comfortable LuLaRoe Shirley Kimono

The Cute and Comfortable LuLaRoe Shirley Kimono

LuLaRoe outfits present you with cute styles that are chic but also comfortable and are a pleasure to show off. When you buy LuLaRoe clothes, you also get LuLaRoe tips on different ways to wear each item and how to accessorize to give a variety of looks using just the one purchase as a base.

The LuLaRoe Shirley Kimono is an example of a versatile wardrobe “must have” that can be enhanced in a multitude of ways. LuLaRoe uses the word “ethereal” to describe the LuLaRoe Shirley Kimono. That is very appropriate because ethereal means delicate, heavenly, filmy, airy, dainty, and other such celestial definitions.

Jillian Ortner LuLaRoe

What To Wear It With

The Shirley Kimono is indeed dreamy, long, flowing, and even has an angel sleeve to give yet another enhancement to what is already an outstanding selection with beautiful patterns and designs, materials such as chiffons and polyesters, and trimmed with laces or other ornamentation. The colors stand out in exquisite combinations of red, yellow, pink, dusty rose, magenta, blue, turquoise, purple, black, white, floral, geometric prints, checkered, and stripes.

There are so many ways to work a kimono into your wardrobe. Popular ways are over a swimsuit at the pool or beach or on top of a skirt and blouse to dress it up for work or a meeting or a luncheon date. At night wear it over a dress and feel like a movie star when you go to a party. You can wear the kimono open and flowing with side slits at the hem or drape it over your shoulders and close it with an unusual broach. Since a kimono is often handcrafted and based on a heritage design, it is unique and will be acknowledged and admired on its own gorgeous merits.

Why You’ll Love A LuLaRoe Kimono

A kimono is a traditional garment especially worn by the Japanese. The word means clothing to wear on the shoulders or on the entire body. It is a wrapped garment shaped like a T with sleeves that reach the wrists or even sometimes reach the ground, has an attached flat collar, is tied with a sash called an obi knotted at the back, and is usually worn ankle-length or perhaps mid-length. Both women and men might wear a kimono for special occasions including tea ceremonies, weddings, funerals, festivals, public holidays, and for other formal occasions.

When you buy LuLaRoe clothes for yourself or as a gift for someone else, you are actually getting or giving a “clothing experience.” You or your recipient are sure to enjoy your LuLaRoe outfits and can gain knowledge from the LuLaRoe tips that will give you ideas on how to make one of their purchases into what can be a wide variety of different looks.

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