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The DeAnne Wrap Skirt—A Great Addition To Any Spring Wardrobe

The DeAnne Wrap Skirt—A Great Addition To Any Spring Wardrobe

Time is flying, isn’t it? It seems like we just had Christmas. And yes, it has taken me this long to recover, LOL! Can anyone relate? But hey, the snow is fading and there are buds on all the trees. You know what this means…spring, and yes, summer, are just around the corner. For a lot of us, we look forward to spring—to being outside, to feeling more sunshine, to working on our yards—until we start worrying about what we are going to wear!

I want to tell you about a super cool, versatile wrap skirt that I really love. It’s called the DeAnne. It’s a great skirt for any time of the year, but especially spring and summer. This skirt will get you through this seasonal transition and have you looking cute along the way.

The DeAnne is a maxi-length “true” wrap skirt, meaning that you can really unwrap it. It is one rectangular shaped piece of material with two long ties. But don’t worry! The LuLaRoe DeAnne will keep you covered and comfortable. One unique feature is its accordion pleats. The accordion pleats make it easy to dress up or down and add style. In addition, it has a lot of tiny features that make a big difference. One of them is the elastic on the back of the waist where the tag is. This elastic is not only comfortable but helps define the waist.

If you haven’t worn anything like this before and wonder what will go will accordion pleats, worry no more. These pleats can be worn with almost anything. The LuLaRoe Deanne comes in a number of colors and patterns. I like the solids it comes in like black or navy blue but I also love the florals, especially for spring. It also comes in plaids and strips and is cute in these patterns as well.

How to wear the DeAnne

I see a lot of people wear a tight fitting shirt or a t-shirt with the DeAnne. You could wear a blouse with a rounded neck and wear a cute necklace, or you can keep it comfy-casual and wear a silkscreened t-shirt or a t-shirt with stripes on the sleeves. For a more tailored look, I really like a solid-colored wrap blouse. You can wear a denim jacket over a t-shirt/skirt combination or a jacket or blazer over something nicer. The great thing with all of these ideas is that you probably have some of these kinds of shirts in your wardrobe already. Getting a DeAnne is a way of making your old things new again.

This may blow your mind, but there are many ways of wearing a DeAnne. You can wear it open in the front with a shorter, tighter skirt underneath or even leggings. You can wear it wrapped and closed but at your true waist or at your high waist for a slightly different look. You can even wear it as a dress by crisscrossing the skirt over your shoulders in the front and in the back. You have SO many possibilities with this one piece.

Grab a DeAnne and then get creative. You will find that you have several new looks with just one new piece!

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