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The Fabulous LuLaRoe Amelia Dress

The Fabulous LuLaRoe Amelia Dress

It’s finally October. What a fun month—fall leaves, Halloween, football, and so much to do. Many of us have yard cleanup, volunteer commitment at our kids’ school, work, and planning for Halloween and the November and December holidays which are right around the corner. If we are going to do all of these things, we might as well do them in style, looking our best. I’m excited to tell you about the Amelia—it’s got to be THE most versatile, flattering dress on the market today.

LuLaRoe Amelia Dress

The Amelia is definitely my favorite dress! It’s a knee-length, stretchy knit dress, comfortable enough to wear all day, yet tailored and structured enough to wear at the office or out on the town. It features an exposed zipper on the back, hand-set box pleats (these are measured, and sewn by hand), and pockets hidden in the seams. This dress takes a lot of time to make, in fact, 14 Irma tunics can be completed in the amount of time it takes to make one Amelia dress.

This dress comes in every pattern imaginable. With LuLaRoe, this is a lot of patterns! I think a gray dress with a thin stripe or a floral with some mustard yellow coloring are perfect casual looks for fall. The Amelia also comes in some great solids, including black. I love how sophisticated the black looks.

The Amelia is great for most body types. The pleats in the skirt and the fit of the bodice were designed to make women look more like an hour-glass, and they do! These dresses are great with any kind of shoe–flats, wedges, booties, or Converse tennis shoes to name a few. It all depends on the look you are going for. Either way, here are some great LuLaRoe fashion tips.

Some of my favorite Amelia combinations

Wear the Amelia with…

  • A narrow belt.
  • Scarfs or short statement necklaces.
  • A cropped cardigan of a contrasting color
  • A cropped jacket—leather, cotton, or denim.
  • A trench coat. I love it when the trench is about the same length as the Amelia.
  • A petticoat. This is a fun look. The petticoat adds a little bit of fullness to the skirt and peaks out around the skirt’s bottom edge.
  • Strappy heals to dress it up.
  • A tee shirt over the top and knotted at the hip to dress it down.
  • The Shirley kimono. It is lightweight, perfect for warmer days. It is shaped like a shrug and hangs open.
  • The Sarah, a calf-length cardigan will keep you warm on colder days. Just make sure to leave it hanging open. You don’t want to completely hide the cute details on the dress.
  • Colored tights. Have fun with a bright fall color—think navy blue, burgundy, or green.

Now you see why the Amelia is my favorite dress. It’s a comfortable, yet flattering dress that can be accessorized, accessorized, accessorized! So whether you are running errands around town, taking care of children, or working to support your family, grab your Amelia. You will look just right and feel just right in any situation. The Amelia will get you through your day from start to finish.

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