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The LuLaRoe Marly

The LuLaRoe Marly

I want to tell you all about a dress that has been on my mind this spring. It’s the LuLaRoe Marly. This dress just may be your best wardrobe addition for 2019. It is so stylish and looks great on any body shape.

The LuLaRoe Marly hits me barely below the knees which is such a great length. It’s made out of breathable stretchy fabric that doesn’t wrinkle. I’m not a huge fan of ironing. If an item needs ironing before every wear, honestly, I may not wear it very much.

It has a scoop neck and short sleeves. Scoop necks are the best for layering. If you need to wear a sweater or jacket over a Marly during cool spring weather, it will still look really cute and put together. It is fitted through the waist and has a fabric belt that you can tie at the waist. I love it as a belt because I like how it helps define the waist. It is really slimming. I have seen it worn as a necklace and as a hair band, too. As with everything LuLaRoe, there are so many possibilities.

Another fun feature of the Marly is its hidden pockets. Even though the Marly is tighter fitting than some LuLaRoe dresses, it is not skin tight. The fabric glides over your hips, making the hidden pockets work. It’s great to have somewhere to put a breath mint, a tissue, keys, or your phone. So many of us are used to having jean pockets for that kind of thing. Then, when we put on a dress, we feel a little lost. The Marly has got you covered.
I love the patterns that the Marly comes in. When I think of the Marly, I think of turquoise vertical stripes, bright florals, cute checks, and polka dots. I’ve also seen it in a paisley and a zig zag stripe. Your problem won’t be finding a Marly that you like. It will be finding too many Marlys that you like!

I think it looks great with a chunky-heeled sandal, for a fun casual look, a bootie for cooler spring or fall weather, or even a traditional pump if you want to dress it up. You won’t need a lot of jewelry to pull off this look. I like the Marly with some dangly earrings on the larger side. I don’t think you need a necklace more than a thin chain. You could also use a few metallic bracelets if you want. Sometimes I love bracelets and sometimes they seems to just get in the way, especially when I’m around kids.

Speaking of kids, this is a great dress to wear around kids. The neck is high enough that you can bend over without revealing too much. The dress is comfortable and has some give, so if you need to sit on the floor to help build a tower out of blocks or Legos, this dress is going to work for that.

Check out the Marlys I have for sale. It comes in every size from xs to 3xl. I can help you find one that you will love this season!

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