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The LuLaRoe Nicki: The Dress For Everything

The LuLaRoe Nicki: The Dress For Everything

For the women with small kids: When you want to, no, need to look good, and feel good, you need that dress. You know the one I’m talking about? The dress with the perfect scoop neck, and fitted bodice (across your chest), the one that hits your hips and then drops, so it’s not hugging where you don’t want, and hugs where you do want. That dress, it’s going to need pockets, because you’re a busy lady.

That dress, the one that you don’t have to spend all day adjusting, you need it in four, maybe five colors, prints, or solids. That dress, it needs to wash up well, because life is dirty, and you don’t need one more dry clean thing, and that dress needs to be able to be packed up, because you might want to keep a spare in the console of the front of your SUV, because you just never know when someone will wipe their face on you, or spit up on you, but you know, it’ll happen.

A Dress That Moves As Fast As You Do

Where can you find that dress? For the woman running the show: You’re running late, but not “late” late, just behind your own timeline. You need to get going, and quickly. You need to reach for something that will make you stand out, but fit it, too, something work appropriate. Something you can easily add a blazer, a jacket, a sweater to, that dress needs to be timeless and incredibly versatile.

It’s got to be a tank so layering is easy, and if you find yourself in a heated debate at work, you’re not too hot. It’s got to go from class room or board room, to the restaurant after work, or the ball field after work, without an issue, and it’s got to have pockets, to keep it all together, where is that dress? For the woman headed somewhere warm (as I type this, the snow is falling here in Iowa. Take me with you! I mean it, me, Jillian, I want to go somewhere warm.

A Dress To Take With You

Since I don’t fit in a suit case, how about instead of taking me with you, you pack the dress that you can layer a sweater with, for the cold airplane, the ditch the sweater and let those shoulders soak up some vitamin D, because this dress, with the pockets, that’s perfect for travel, it’s a tank dress, and girl, this winter has been just as long as the others, and you need that sun kissing your shoulders.

The dress, that goes from bag, to body in hotel, to body in restaurant, to body on the beach, take that dress with you. It can be a dinner dress one night, then an adventure dress and bathing suit cover up the next day. That dress, it’s the one you pack in your carryon, in case the luggage gets lost, and you know you can pull it off with just this one dress… Which dress is it, and where do you find it? Friends, do you know what the LuLaRoe Nicki dress is?

The Dress For Anything

It’s that dress, all three of those dresses, actually. Nicki has a scoop neck, a fitted bodice, a skirt that hits your hips, and drops. The LuLaRoe Nicki is a knee length dress, with pockets, and no sleeves, because it’s a tank dress. Do you need that dress, or all of those dresses? Here you go, and don’t worry, more are on the way…

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