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The LuLaRoe Valentina: An Adorable New Top

The LuLaRoe Valentina: An Adorable New Top

Today I want to talk about the LuLaRoe Valentina top. The Valentina top is an adorable button-down that comes in lots of fun prints. LuLaRoe tops are so comfy and this one is no exception. The sleeves are adjustable, so if you’re feeling like you want your sleeves out of the way while you’re cooking or shopping, you can just roll them back.

The LuLaRoe Valentina top is flattering for every figure. There’s a side-seam scallop to highlight your curves. LuLaRoe tops can be worn with jeans or your favorite pair of LuLaRoe leggings. I also personally like the Valentina with the Madison skirt. If you’re on the skinny side, you can try tucking the top into the skirt and adjusting it a little so the Valentina blouses. This adds some curves if you have more of a straight-lined figure. Talk about cute LuLaRoe outfits. I’m really into how the Madison skirt has hidden pockets. If you’re running to get the mail or something, you can carry your phone and keys without looking bulky.

Another LuLaRoe outfits idea is to tuck the Valentina into your jeans. This creates a long, slim line and balances out the fun pattern of the top with the darker wash of the denim. LuLaRoe recently came out with a new denim collection. You guys. You guys. So many ways to wear the Valentina. I’m so excited to wear it.

What To Wear The Valentina Top With:

Here are some more LuLaRoe fashion tips. I think the Valentina top would also look cute with some bright accessories. It would pair well with some chunky stud or dangle earrings. I think turquoise or yellow earrings would look good with the lighter Valentina top prints. Purple or orange earrings would look cute with the Valentina’s stripe prints.

This top is so versatile because it can really be dressed up or down. If you’re going out for casual date night, you might stick with jeans or leggings. You could pair it with trousers for wearing to work. Here are some LuLaRoe fashion tips for travel. The Valentina top is a must-have for your suitcase if you’re headed on a business trip or family vacation. You just never know what might come up. It’s so easy to pack, and how cute would this top look with some shorts and a little cross-body bag on your vacation?

When To Wear It:

It’s a perfect top to have in your closet for the fall. Dressing for cooler weather can be so tricky. It’s always great to have at least one long-sleeve shirt in your wardrobe for those unexpectedly chilly days at the end of the summer. When it gets even colder, you can put a cardigan over it.

Feel comfortable and confident in your skin with the Valentina top. If you’re looking for a fun new button-down to spice up your closet, the Valentina is for you

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