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The Must Have Dress For The Summer: The LuLaRoe Dani

The Must Have Dress For The Summer: The LuLaRoe Dani

Summer is one of the greatest seasons to experiment with when it comes to looks, but it can be a bit tricky in terms of comfort. My friend recommended I check out LulaRoe summer outfits because they offer a lot of fresh prints and pops of color. The clothing looked decent, but nothing really caught my eye until I came upon this LulaRoe dress. I’m very apprehensive about dress form because my body shape can sometimes look awkward, but I decided to go with the Dani because it seemed like the most comfortable choice.

The LuLaRoe Dani Dress

I’m not exactly one to sugarcoat when it comes to reviewing the quality and fit of the clothes I wear. As a plus size person, the problem I’ve run into time and again when shopping for clothing is seeing a specific design that fits the model but suffocates me and flattens my shape. It’s like I can never get the perfect balance of comfort and style in my clothes. Thankfully with the LulaRoe Dani, this is not the case! This LulaRoe dress hugs my shape well and creates a beautiful silhouette. I’ve been able to experiment with how I style it with other things, but I can say with confidence that the Dani is easily a staple in my closet when it comes to creating cute LulaRoe outfits.

The LuLaRoe Dani is one of the best dresses you can purchase for your LulaRoe summer outfits because of its simple shape and ample length. This dress pairs well with a denim jacket, shawl or kimono, but also works well as a stand-alone piece. This dress is perfect in multiple climates because it can work with boots or sandals. You’re able to enjoy a garment that’s breezy and flowy but still gives you some type of form and accentuates your waist.

What To Wear It With

I personally love the Dani with the Shirley Kimono on top. I opted for the pink-colored kimono that looks like satin. I think this works best if you get the Dani in either the blue with pink floral accents or the rosy pink-hued version. These were my two favorites, but I can’t say that I necessarily dislike the other prints. The red Dani seems cute for a day out in the park, and the gray with orange and warm-toned florals gives me a really nice boho vibe. Overall, I think what makes the Dani such a useful garment to have is its versatility. The options for creating a look with one of these are limitless.

Making cute LulaRoe outfits is really simple thanks to the inclusive sizing and the structure of the clothing. I would highly recommend the LulaRoe Dani as a summer go-to, but it works well as a summer to fall transitional piece when paired with boots or a cardigan. The great thing about the LulaRoe site is that they give you listings of items that work best with the garment you’re viewing. With this in mind, I see no reason why you wouldn’t try to get your hands on some of their items!

If you’re a plus size skeptic, I think you can definitely take comfort when investing in this dress. We all deserve to feel comfortable and cute, and I can say that the Dani makes me exude confidence while being comfy! If you haven’t already, add the Dani dress from LulaRoe to your cart!

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