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The New DeAnne Wrap Skirt

The New DeAnne Wrap Skirt

Would you believe me if I told you that LulaRoe has a NEW versatile skirt that could be worn to a wedding or other formal event or worn with a graphic tee and sandals? How can this be, you may ask. How could any one item be THAT versatile? Well, let me tell you about the DeAnne Wrap Skirt. It may be your new best friend, something comfortable yet full of confidence.

This skirt is new to LuLaRoe and was just introduced in July at the LuLaRoe convention. It is yet another cute LuLaRoe skirt. It is a full-length maxi skirt. It is a full wrap skirt that won’t show off more than you want it to. At the waist in the front, it has a tie closure and a button hole. It has a little bit of elastic in the waistband in the back that helps to accent your shape. Interestingly, it also has long, beautiful accordion pleats, which is so unusual in a skirt this length.

The Deanne Wrap Skirt is perfect for every season. It can be dressed up or down depending on your mood and what events you are getting ready for. You will love it. Here’s a few tips on making the most of your new DeAnne.

How to dress up the DeAnne

  • Wear an accent necklace. A great looking necklace is the focal point of any outfit. Longer, thinner chains are in style now and that’s what I would suggest wearing. It depends on the neckline of your blouse, of course, but a thin necklace with multiple thin strands that hangs long, elongates the entire body and is so becoming.
  • Wear a solid colored blouse, preferably with long sleeves. I’ve seen some V-neck long sleeved tees that look pretty incredible. I’ve also seen a V-neck wrapped blouse that looks great with this skirt. Black and white are two neutral colors that go with almost anything.
  • Go for a monochromatic look. To make the DeAnne look fancy and formal, go for muted colors like gray, black, or navy. For example, you could pair a gray DeAnne with a gray or black blouse.
  • Go for a more muted pattern or no pattern on the skirt. You could do a solid color skirt, but LuLaRoe offers some amazing floral and polka dot prints that would lend themselves to both a formal and an informal look.

As formal and regal as the DeAnne can look, it can also look sporty, comfy, and casual.

How to dress down the DeAnne

    • Wear a tee or tank with the DeAnne.
    • Wear casual sandals or Converse tennis shoes.
    • Wear a denim jacket.
    • Wear a Gigi, Randy, or Amy. If a shirt is too long and you want more skirt to show, knot the front. The knotted look is so “in” right now.


The DeAnne comes in a wide range of sizes—XXS to 3XL.

If you typically wear a dress size of a 10-12, order a small. If you wear a dress size of a 6, order an XS.

If you are petite, the DeAnne could be a touch long. You can hem the DeAnne to get the right length for you.

Bring home this amazing skirt while I still have lots of selection. And keep an eye on my blog for news, updates, and hot new LuLaRoe fashion tips.


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