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The Randy Tee—Perfect For Fall

The Randy Tee—Perfect for Fall

I don’t know about you but I am LOVING these fall temperatures. This summer was a hot one and it seemed like it would never cool off. I love the crisp blue skies and the cool mornings. It’s only been in the last few weeks that I’ve need more than a short-sleeved tee to feel comfortable. It feels premature for long sleeves, especially since it warms up later in the day. What is a good transition piece, you may ask? Enter the Randy Tee, which has to be the perfect tee for the end of September and beginning of October.

The Randy Tee launched in September 2014, and it’s been a September favorite, every year since. It’s a raglan style, or baseball style tee, with 3/4 length sleeved tee. This makes it perfect for these cooler mornings and warmer afternoons. Many come with a printed body, solid sleeve, or solid body, printed sleeve, and every so often, we get a print on print, or even a lace sleeve. In other words, you can be creative with the Randy and chances are you will find a Randy to go with ANYTHING you love for fall. I love so many things about it.

Features I Love

I love that it is a fine-gage knit. It’s thin, flowy, and comfortable. It never looks bulky. It is perfect for that dressy-casual look.

I love its length. It hits at the hip which is perfect for wearing with jeans. You never have to worry about it riding up. It just flows over any problem areas, slimming and lengthening. We all need that!
I love its neckline. It’s a unisex scoop neck which means it scoops but doesn’t scoop very low. This neckline is perfect to accessorize. Add any necklace of any length and it will look good with the Randy.

Looks I Love

One of my favorite looks with the Randy Tee is wearing it just with skinny jeans. It looks casual yet classy. I love the patterned Randy tees with the solid sleeves with jeans. Basic, simple and cute. Dress the look up with a cute pair of boots or dress it down with a pair of Converse tennis shoes.
I love a Randy with a thin, subtle stripe. The striped Randy can go with anything. I love it with a cute scarf for a pop of color.

I love a Randy in a more muted fall/winter color like gray, for example, with a subtle pattern to the sleeves. You can wear it with a vest for extra warmth, with the cute sleeves showing. You can also add a scarf here as well.

You will be amazed how many skirts the Randy looks good with! It goes great with maxi skirts, Madison skirts, Cassie skirts, and even with some of our more elegant skirts, like the retired Lucy, the Lola, and the DeAnne Skirt. Wow!

If you are looking for something new for your wardrobe that will go with anything and help you transition to fall and winter, the Randy is a great addition. You will wear it and love it as I have!

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