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Travel Wear And Why I Dress Up

Travel Wear and Why I Dress Up

I’ve been traveling for years, and years, and years. And while I fully believe in being comfortable while traveling, I know that dressing up also helps my travel experience, especially when things go array. When I was leaving the US Army and officially headed home, I wore some stretchy jeans, some brown boots, I don’t remember the shirt, but I believe it was white, and a long sweater coat. My airline upgraded me to business class. I didn’t understand why, until I looked around. I realized the other passengers were dressed much much more casually.

I have friends in the airline business that will attest your chance of getting upgraded increases when you are dressed up. When travel plans have had hiccups, I feel much more capable of handling what ever it is I may be facing, when I look sharp, because when I look sharp, I feel sharp.

Stay Comfortable When You Dress Up

So how can you be dressed up, and still be comfortable while sitting in a middle seat between two strangers? How about monochromatic looks, layer black leggings or black LuLaRoe jeans, a black tee/tank depending on season, and a black sweater or jacket, then depending on your personal style, back sandals, black wedges, black flats, black sneakers, black booties, Whichever shoes you wear, make sure you accessorize with jewelry that makes a statement, since your outfit is such a good backdrop.

Do your hair, even if it’s in a cute messy bun, and makeup. If you’re not into makeup, wash your face, moisturize (because you lose moisture anyway while flying) grab some clear mascara, and groom your eyebrows so they lay flat, add a little blush and some lip gloss. And smile 🙂 Or, maybe you choose a fun romper and a chunky sweater, so it’s like you’re wearing a one piece pajama outfit, and hauling your blanket, which is actually your sweater.

What To Wear

Booties, or cute flats, just don’t forget a clean face, cute hair, and that smile. You’re never wrong traveling in a dress, a skirt and tee, or jeans, a tee, and a stretchy blazer. You know Lularoe is always comfortable and dressed up. Some of the options you should check out are, but never limited to: Gwen Jacket, Sarah Cardigan, Presley Jacket, Madison Skirt, Xoe Romper, Savannah Kaftan, LuLaRoe BWC,Mimi Wrap, Long Sleeve Hudson, Valentina Top, Liv tee.

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