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Treating People Like People

Treating People Like People

This topic comes at just the right time, with us just recently celebrating Martin Luther King Day, I’ve been provided with a lot of small reminders in the form of incredible quotes from the great Dr. King. While much of his focus was in relation to racism, I think it can be applied to humanity, on an overall basis, and an individual basis.

Not long after joining LuLaRoe, and while the company was in a huge period of growth, they’d often suggest to us, to watch the brief clip from a T.E.D. Talks, by Drew Dudley on lollipop moments.

His talk is about “Leadership” which came in handy when we had so many find themselves in positions of leadership. And while I loved the talk, I kept wondering, “How can I force this type of lollipop moment to happen? I can’t, it’s coincidence.” Only it isn’t. It’s about treating people, like people.

In a world where we want to be seen so badly, and yet often want to blend in even more (personal opinion here). We want to be seen and are overlooked, we want to blend in because we are worried about being visible for the wrong reasons. But what if, what if we just looked at people, and then treated them, as people.

LuLaRoe Jillian Ortnr

Looking For Ways To Love

While at a leadership conference a few months ago, I saw a familiar face in the crowd, and I offered for her to sit next to me. I told her to take a bag of M&M’s when class broke, because I had bought enough for both days, but for got to take them with me the day before, and she could just take that bag for herself. I was happy to see her, I asked her to sit, I shared with her, and I was pleasant. A few days later, I got a message from her. That day, she had had a rough morning, her friends thought they were being funny, but had been a little mean, and me seeing her, and being kind to her, made her day.

The day after that last event, I was getting ready to board a plane back home, and at the door of the plane was a flight attendant, not working on that flight but ready to board that flight in full flight attendant wardrobe, enjoying his coffee. I struck up a conversation, letting him know he was smart to grab that Starbucks from the other side of security, because the coffee on this side, was gross. He offered me some of his, which I declined because I’d have time to grab some in Atlanta. I asked if he’d like to get in line with me, to get to his seat, he was grateful, asked where I was sitting, and brought me a fresh cup of plane coffee which was brewed with Starbucks beans, and spiked with baileys. That man, he saw me as a person, and treated me as a person. He made my day.

An Experience I Had With This

As I travel around, I try to make a point to make eye contact, have conversations, treat people like people. I know that not everyone in the world is good but most are. I know that I have friends everywhere, that I just haven’t met yet.

When someone upsets you, assume innocence, because chances are, they didn’t do it with ill intent. In a world where so much comes through in the form of text and not so much voice, it’s hard to hear tone, but I challenge you to reread the text that upset you, with a tone of concern, a tone of love, and see how it changes your perspective.

What if we went through our lives, treating people like people, like good people, what kind of an impact could we have on our own lives, the lives of our families, and the lives of the communities in which we live? Take the time, try it for a week, and let me know how it goes, after all, leadership is just setting an example for others to follow, with good intentions, and love.

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